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  1. Synergistic CBD Wax

We only stock 0.5g

Our Broad Spectrum CBD Wax has more than just CBD it features the true profile that our high-quality Hemp has to offer.  With all natural terpenes and combo of CBD and CBG, this is a highly enjoyable Broad Spectrum CBD Wax.  

Ingredients: THC removed broad spectrum hemp oil

  • Perfect for: sublingual ingestion, dabs, cooking, creating your own oils, hash substitute. 
  • Extracted and grown in Denver, Colorado.





Limited Edition MOJITO

We're introducing a whole new experience to CBD extracts - blending real life fruit and drink flavours with legal cannabis extracts. Just in time for valentines, these make the perfect gift for any loved one with a passion for cannabis. Infused with organic terpenes extracted from real fruits, the smell, and flavour of these extracts are very impressive. We've never had such terpy dabs before!

"MOJITO" Profile


Limited Edition

This limited edition release of CBD extracts takes inspiration from what is likely to be remembered as one of the biggest points in British history. The "Trainwreck" strain profile fits how the country feels about Brexit- now you have the chance to give Brexit a dab! And just to be clear this drop isn't about taking any political sides - it's about making something fun out of a life event that every British person has been involved in one way or another.

"TRAINWRECK" Cannabis Profile

Fragrance: Earth, floral, pine

Effect: Happy, soothed, inspired, rush of excitement coupled with a soothing sensation.


- Granddaddy Purple -

Fragrance: Sweet, floral, earthy

Effect: Soothed, tired, hungry and a fusion of euphoria


- Girlscout Cookie -

Fragrance: Floral, earthy, spicy, sweet, pine.

Effect: Joyful, euphoric, creative,
quite spacey.


- OG Kush -

Fragrance: Earthy, pine, wood.

Effect: Attention, motivation, drive, and improves focus.


- Pineapple Express -

Fragrance: Sweet, tropical, cedar, citrus.

Effect: Uplifting, euphoric, energetic accompanied by a soothing sensation.


- Zkittlez -

Fragrance: Sweet, berry, herbal, tropical.

Effect: Uplifting, focused, happy, soothing.


- Blue Dream -

Fragrance: Sweet Blueberry.

Effect: Euphoric and creative. 



This product does not contain any THC


Keep out of reach from children. Must be 18+ to use this product. This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease. Please always refer to your physician or medical healthcare professional for medical advice.



The Goods

The Goods is our favourite cannabis lifestyle brand. Synonymous with high quality products with a satisfying design and feel, once you start using The Goods you'll never go back. Created by a group of cannabis enthusiasts who were looking for a unique, stylish and high quality CBD and smoking range that hadn't yet existed, now we can all enjoy what they've brought to market.


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