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Piff Wars Card Game


PIFF WARS® Card Game 

PIFF WARS® is the first competitive card game for cannabis enthusiasts. Reigning as the OGs in putting the fun back into getting baked, here at PIFF WARS®.

We pride ourselves in pumping pure flavour into every pack. From Gorilla Glue and Grandaddy Purp, to Zkittles, Sour Diesel, Zookies and beyond!

Each pack of cards contains a carefully curated collection of our favourite cannabis strains. There’s no fairer way to decide who’s gonna do the shop run, order a takeaway or roll the next joint than a PIFF WARS® battle with your buds.

Graded on to high quality cards for endless stoner fun, PIFF WARS® is designed by bud smokers, for bud smokers!

Who will win the BATTLE OF THE BUDS?

[For 2-4 players. Ages 16+] 

Each pack contains 30 high quality, gloss printed cards

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