Oral Oil Spray


Our CBD Oil Sprays are packed full of CBD and a broad spectrum of other cannabinoids, including CBG, CBC, and terpenes.The spray format makes this one of the most mess free and convenient way of taking CBD - just point under your tongue and spray away!

Product Details: 

- 1000mg of broad spectrum CBD (10%) suspended in pure coconut MCT oil

- 10ml

- Totally THC free

- Vegan Friendly 


- Spray 2-3 times under the tongue

- Hold under the tongue for 30 seconds, this will help the CBD be absorbed into the blood stream

- The CBD content of each 0.12ml spray is  ~12mg CBD, so 3 sprays would contain approximately ~36mg CBD.

- Please do not vape this product: it is for oral use only!

Ingredients: Hemp extract including CBD, coconut MCT Oil and natural flavouring

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