King Size Slim Rolling Papers


Kush Rolling Papers - Organic Pink Hemp King Size Slim

Kush Kingsize Slim Pink Hemp Smoking Papers use only natural gum, making sure each paper sticks every time! Did you read PINK, yes, the papers are pink! Each single paper has also been pre-creased so rolling your tobacco could not be any easier. Each paper is made from pure hemp, uses only 100% natural gum and has 32 papers per pack.

Kush Premium 100% Pink Hemp Rolling Papers - the Worlds ONLY Pink Hemp paper!

100% Hemp Paper
100% Natural Gum
32 Leaves Per Pack
Size: 107x44mm

Made In France

Kush Rolling Papers - Unbleached King Size Slim

Kush Unbleached King Size Slim smoking papers are a fantastic rolling paper, that are brown in colour due to them not being bleached. Your smoke will also be free from any tasty tastes created by a bleaching process.

Each of the 32 papers has a strip of natural gum so you can easily seal your roll-up, the pre-creased paper also helps you to fill your paper with no hassle. Once you have finished rolling you can also be assured that you will enjoy using this Kush rolling paper as it has a nice slow and even burn to it.

Ultra Premium Papers
Unbleached paper
Natural Gum
32 Leaves Per Pack
Size: 107mm x 44mm

Made In France

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