The Goods

The Goods


The Goods - Papers  

Our slow-burning papers and filter tips are made using the purest Arabic gum. EU sourced ingredients and manufacturing.

With our King-sized slims you’ll have all you need to roll in your pocket without even noticing it’s there.

32 Rollies & Tips

Available Styles:

  • Ultra Thin - Slow Burning - Filter Tips
  • 100% Pure Hemp - Slow Burning - Filter Tips
  • All Natural - Un-Bleached - Virgin Pulp Tips - Biodegradable

The Goods - Herb Grinder

Stainless Steel. Engraved design (long lasting). Pollen/Keif catcher.

Available in 2 sizes:

  • Small 50mm
  • Large 60mm 


  1. Remove the top lid and crumble your herbal mix onto the metal teeth of the grinder.
  2. Place the lid back onto the grinder and twist until all the herb has fallen into the middle chamber.
  3. Unscrew the top two compartments to reveal the ground up herbal mix.
  4. After prolonged use, the pollen chamber at the bottom of the grinder will fill up with pollen. Unscrew the bottom chamber to reveal it’s contents.

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