King Palm

King Palm Rolls


King Palm Rolls

 Experience a more smooth and slow-burning leaf, and without tobacco or nicotine.

King Palm’s Rolls are the perfect place to pack your favourite flower. The rolls are made from the highest quality Cordia palm leaves that are handpicked, and carefully selected after to maintain high-quality standards. 

These all-natural palm leaf wraps come pre-rolled so all you have to do is pack it with bud. With our included bamboo sticks, packing your cone is easy cheese.  

It’s crucial not to grind too finely and aim for a chunky outcome for the best smoking experience.


Rollie: 0.5g. Mini: 1g. Slim: 1.5g. King: 2g. XL:3g. XXL: 5g. 

Flavoured Rolls 

Pre-installed in the joint filter of your wrap, these brand-new flavour tips which contain terpene-infused oils just require a simple squeeze to activate. Whether you pop it before you smoke or halfway through is entirely up to you, simply squeeze the joint filter flavoured tip and listen for a pop! Once you hear the pop, this means your flavours have been activated!

Currently available in the following Flavours:

Berry Terps

King Palm’s Berry Terp flavour rolls are doses of juicy fruit combined with the terroir notes your herb is known for.

Available in the following Roll sizes: Mini Rolls 

Fruit Passion

Pop the terpene flavor capsule in the filter of this Fruit Passion Mini Roll and inhale delicious notes of fruit, berries, and all things sweet. 

Available in the following Roll sizes: Mini Rolls 


Add the taste of fruity strawberries to your herbs, forgot any strawberry rolling papers you’ve tried in the past because none can compete with flavored filter tips. The flavor is more intense compared to flavored rolling papers. 

Available in the following Roll sizes: Mini Rolls 

Magic Mint

Made of organic materials and all-natural minty terpenes, you’ll be enchanted by King Palm’s Magic Mint Rolls. With each hit, the minty notes blend beautifully with your ground herb.

Available in the following Roll sizes: Mini Rolls, Slim Rolls 

Watermelon Wave

Experience watermelon flavoured cones like never before with your flowers. The flavour of juicy watermelon is unmatchable with any flavoured rolling paper. This is because your taste buds will experience food-grade essential oil infused with terpenes. 

Available in the following Roll sizes: Mini Rolls, Slim Rolls 

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