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CBD Vape Cartridge 250mg


Highkind Vape Cartridge

Limited Edition

HighKind is the natural choice for anyone that wants premium-quality CBD extracts without MCT, PG or VG. The wonderful flavours and tangible effects of our CBD vape oil are owed to the sophistication of our extraction and distillation methods. They opt for all-natural organic hemp and infuse them with hand-selected terpene blends to create CBD extracts that are simply irresistible.

  • Contains 0.5g of uncut oil
  • A full-spectrum CBD extract rich in cannabinoids and cannabis terpenes
  • Enhanced design for up to 200+ puffs
  • Provides a smooth and flavourful cannabis experience
  • Third-party tested for quality

Our Limited Editions collection contains our most premium CBD vape oils infused with 100% cannabis-derived terpenes. The high-strength triple-distilled CBD/CBG extracts in this range have intricate flavour notes and provide the CBD connoisseur with an authentic cannabis experience.

Available in 8 Flavours:

  • Cindy Cheese 

Taste: Tropical Citrus | Brown Sugar
Feel: Uplifted | Energetic | Happy

  • Kashmere

Taste: Vanilla | Lavender | Citrus
Feel: Tranquil | Mellow | Settled

  • OG x Haze

Taste: Sharp Citrus | Pine | Haze
Feel: Uplifted | Alert | Focused

  • Pineapple Muffins

Taste: Pineapple | Caramel | Butter
Feel: Uplifted | Happy | Centred

  • Purple Double OG

Taste: Kush | Pine | Berry
Feel: Calm | Tranquil | Sleepy

  • Wakanda Grape

Taste: Earthy | Sweet | Grape
Feel: Calm | Relaxed | Sleepy

  • Blueberry Muffins

Taste: Kush | Blueberry
Feel: Calm | Relaxed | Sleepy

  • Blue Cheese

Taste: Pine | Brown Sugar
Feel: Euphoric | Relaxed 



HighKind is made for vapers that want a true quality CBD experience. Their prefilled cartridges are one of the best ways to enjoy our pure uncut oil, simply screw on to your device, sit back, puff and enjoy.

Our cartridges are packed full of terpenes such as Caryophyllene, Humulene, Myrcene and D-Limonene. It is one of the most popular CBD strains in the world for its light and uplifting effects and gentle earthy flavours.

  • Each Cartridge Contains 0.5 g of high-strength uncut oil
  •  A full-spectrum CBD extract, full of cannabinoids
  • Contains up to 200+ puffs
  • Provides an authentic experience
  • Third-party tested for quality

A bit more about our Artisan collection

Our Artisan collection contains pure triple-distilled CBD/CBG extract that has been infused with hand-crafted botanical terpenes to give punchy and fruity flavours. The CBD cartridges in this collection are perfect for vapers exploring the CBD world or more experienced users that enjoy gentle and subtle aromas.

Available in 7 Flavours:

  • Lavender Kush

Taste: Lavender | Fresh Pine | Sweet Spice
Feel: Tranquil | Gentle | Calm

  • Raspberry Cookies

Taste: Raspberry | Cream | Mint
Feel: Relaxed | Warm | Joyous

  • OG Kush

Taste: Lemon | Black Pepper | Fresh Pine
Feel: Calm | Mellow | Settled

  • Amnesia Haze

Taste: Earthy | Sandalwood | Lemon
Feel: Uplifted | Bright | Easy

  • Tangerine Dream

Taste: Orange Peel | Sweetness | Spice
Feel: Comforted | Clear | Energised

  • Cherry Cream Pie

Taste: Cherry | Vanilla
Feel: Social | Calm

  • Purple Punch

Taste: Grape | Blueberry | Tart
Feel: Sleepy | Relaxed | Calm


  • Forbidden Fruits

Taste: Tropical Fruit | Citrus
Feel: Uplifted | Happy | Calm

Single Origin

Our prefilled vape cartridges are a great way to explore the incredible flavours and health benefits of our CBD extracts. If you’ve been looking for something that really works, you’ve found the right place at HighKind.

Our Hawaiian Haze cartridge is dominated by Myrcene (the same terpene naturally-occuring in mangoes) but also includes earthy terpenes such as α Pinene and Guaiacum. This CBD oil is a great choice for vapers that like bright, sweet flavours and aromas.

  • Contains 0.5 g of vape oil
  • A clean full-spectrum CBD extract, packed with cannabinoids and select terpenes
  • Optimised for up to 200+ puffs
  • Provides an authentic experience
  • Third-party tested for quality and profile

A bit more about our Single Origins collection

Our Single Origins collection contains high-strength triple-distilled CBD/CBG extract infused with 100% hemp-derived terpenes. This range is a wonderful choice for vapers that enjoy strong, all-natural flavour profiles.

Available in 4 Flavours:

  • Lifter

Taste:  Pine | Citrus
Feel: Uplifting | Energised

  • Hawaiian Haze

Taste: Tropical Flowers | Sweet | Citrus
Feel: Calm | Light | Content

  • Special Sauce

Taste: Berry | Vanilla | Musk
Feel: Soothing |  Relaxing

  • Sour Space Candy

Taste: Lemongrass | Clove | Sweet Earth
Feel: Centred | Relaxed | Happy

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