Otherside Cannabinoid Dispensary is London's first Cannabinoid Dispensary 

We dispense cannabinoids and knowledge!

We are pioneers in bringing CBD to the UK consumer and we’ve watched the market grow rapidly in recent years. A problem we’ve identified is that, as the industry is still unregulated, there are several low-quality yet expensive CBD products flooding the market. 

So we decided to take matters into our own hands and develop our own range of hemp extract products to give our customers unrivalled value for money and quality assurance. 

We’ve gone to great lengths to research and source the best ingredients in order to produce the highest quality products at the best possible price...after 3 years of selling CBD and cannabinoids in our London store we have unrivalled experience.

All of our products have been third-party tested for independent verification and the results are available here.

Come and see us in person, our store in London is located on the world famous Portobello Road, Notting Hill Gate - Start buying your CBD in confidence and enjoy the true therapeutic benefits it has to offer.